Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Most sports medicine pathology can be dealt with arthroscopically. The best knee surgeons in Melbourne and throughout the world tend to use purely arthroscopic approaches to deal with ligamentous disruption assuming the disruption is in the joint. Both cartilage and meniscal pathology may be addressed at this stage. Meniscal tears can be either repaired or resected depending the age of the patient and the chance of recovery. In general even with the world best knee surgeons the mensical repair rate is 60 to 70 per cent as the meniscus has a very poor blood supply.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (A.C.L) Surgery is performed mainly arthroscopically. A very small insertion is used to remove the hamstring for use as the graft but the operation is an arthroscopic procedure. An alternative approach would be to use the patellar tendon again this is arthroscopic but does involve a slightly bigger insertion to obtain the patellar tendon graft. Although the results are very similar my preference is to use the hamstring graft tendon.